Wonder What Sustainable Fashion Looks Like?

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What are we up to??

Glad you asked...

Sustainability is complicated, but living sustainably shouldn't be.

We're building a catalogue of mission driven brands committed to sustainability and a scoring system that rates their products according to environmental, societal, and economic impact.

Because sustainability can mean something different to everyone, we've personalized the score so the products with the highest scores are the ones most aligned with your values.

Science is Hard. Scores, Those I Get.
As the nerds we are, we're doing the (ridiculously complicated math x science) homework, so you can just crib the answers.


we'll know - with receipts - the full picture of how everything we choose to (or not to) buy impacts our collective wellbeing.

While we work on that, give our survey a whirl and we'll match you with the sustainable brands right in your ethical, aspirational and environmental wheelhouse.

And stay tuned! Our soup to nuts scoring system and online marketplace is coming your way this summer.

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