How Madeline Fraser Created The Warby Parker of Jewelry Companies

When you can't find what you need, build it!

September 2, 2021


Our Modern Approach to Jewelry Design Puts the Power of Choice in Your Hands


Lex Kiefhaber, Anthony Noto

Madeline Fraser came up with the idea for Gemist when she tried to design herself a custom ring. The ordeal proved successful but a headache. How is it that the custom jewelry process is so antiquated? The serial entrepreneur had an idea: let the consumer be in charge. After all, one size does not fit all when it comes to jewelry design. And so she brought the industry into the modern age with a unique home try-on experience (akin to Warby Parker eyeglasses). Not only that, the company's jewelry is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles using sustainable materials and ethical practices. That's enough to bring a twinkle to our eyes!


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