How You Can Help Reforestation Efforts
Find out how companies and organizations all over the world are helping to mitigate deforestation impacts and what you can do to help save our forests!
By Ashleigh Elkins
November 5, 2020

Forests are incredibly important to all forms of life for so many reasons - they provide jobs, purify the air, offer homes to 80% of the world’s land animals, soak up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and much more. However, over the years, deforestation and forest degradation has become a very large threat to the future of our global forests. The main cause of these impacts are generally due to poorly planned agricultural lands and illegal logging. According to the World Bank, the world has lost an amount of forests that is equivalent to the size of South Africa in the last 30 years. 

So, how can we help mitigate the rate of deforestation of our global forests?

Here are companies that are currently changing the future of deforestation. 

  • Dendra, a UK-based company, plans to plant 600 million trees by the end of 2060 using AI and drones. This technology can plant 2 trees per second! First, areas that need replanting are determined through satellite imaging. Then, once a location is selected, the drone uses pressurized air to shoot the seeds into the ground! The company estimates that this solution can restore forests 150 times faster than planting by hand. 
  • As a part of the Green Legacy Initiative, Ethiopia has made great strides towards reducing deforestation - they even planted 350 million trees in one single day! Ethiopia has experienced great levels of drought as the years have passed. Therefore, the Prime Minister has made it a big priority to mitigate the impacts that climate change has on the country by replanting forests. 
  • TreeEra, a company using a subscription-based business model, actually allows subscribers to plant trees in their name! Subscribers pay a monthly fee and then trees are planted based off of that funding. The trees are currently being planted north of Kamloops, a city in Canada that has seen a lot of fires in the recent years.  
  • The Eden Reforestation Project is making strides towards replanting lost mangroves in places like the coast of Madagascar. They partner with national leaders and hire trained local villagers to help with the reforestation efforts. Since the start of the organization, 384 million trees have been planted all over the world. 

Now that we have seen what companies and countries are doing, what can you do to save our forests? 

This list has compiled several different volunteer trips that you can embark on to help mitigate deforestation in the Amazon. These trips include working on conservation work in Peru, restoring forest habitats in Borneo and raising seedlings in Brazil.


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