Shari Makes Super Hero Masks Out of Sustainable Make-Up

TooD is changing the face of cosmetics, born out of one woman's transformative relationship with the way she feels about the way she looks.

June 8, 2021

TooD Beauty

Make Up for Every Body, Everywhere. Clean beauty has been a first step in getting there, but we needed non-toxic products with packaging that helps the earth heal and that let us experiment with color and joy.


Lex Kiefhaber, Jessica Miles

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Before Shari Siadat was a children's book author, before she was a corporate executive, or a mother of three, she was a child struggling with the distance between the way she thought she should look and person she saw in the mirror. We all have our own issues with body image, self-esteem, representation, all reflected through an internal kaleidoscope of how we imagine the world sees us. Shari ran the gauntlet of self discovery, from conforming to an imposed ideal to realizing her natural beauty, and she's built a suit of glitter and gloss armor for the rest of us as we wage that war of self acceptance.

TooD is a beauty brand founded in the idea that we're all different, that make up should be about celebrating those differences rather than covering them up, and in doing so we should accept nothing less than the best ingredients of ourselves, the planet, and the people who make the products. Founded in 2019, TooD has since become a viral sensation among people of all ages and proclivities for its bold, bright aesthetic, stereotype defying mantra and honest composition.

We discuss in this episode the very personal journey Shari took to become a founder of a cosmetics company- something she'd never imagined for herself- how the birth of her third daughter taught her to recognize something within her own identity and the process of rejecting the status quo when it comes to sourcing ingredients for beauty products.


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