The Gift that Keeps on Givz-ing

Philanthropy + Positive ROI on Marketing + Empowering People to Do Good… Welcome to the win-win-win world of Givz.

March 30, 2021


Givz helps your company convert discounts to donations and engage your customers like never before.


Lex Kiefhaber, Jessica Miles

The Gift that Keeps on Givz-ing: The Story of Andrew's Win-Win-Win Strategy

Here's an age old question: how do you make marketing a force for good in the world? Welcome to the world of Andrew Forman's win-win-win business strategy.

Win 1: Generate piles of money for philanthropic causes.

Win 2: Provide people an avenue to do some good while also getting the stuff they want. 

Win 3: Use companies' intrinsic motivation to improve their bottom line through a marketing strategy that will maximize Win 1 and Win 2. 

Givz wasn't the company Andrew intended to start, but as is the case with most entrepreneurs, he listened to the needs of his clients and the reception of the customers to pivot into a business model that had real traction and could grow into a substantial company. The premise is simple: what if those discounts that companies offer you (Buy NOW and get 20% Off!) changed slightly, so that instead of getting to keep a few dollars for yourself, you were able to donate that money to a cause you cared about. And, well, that's basically it. But the story gets a whole lot more intricate from there.

What Andrew and his team needed to prove was that people would actually prefer the charity option over keeping the money for themselves. And that companies could get as good a return on the charity model as they could on the discount model. And that the money would actually go to causes which would do right by the people they set out to help. 

A tall order, but one he was up to the task for. Givz has donated over $1,000,000 to charities of their members choosing while proving to businesses that people are at least just as, if not more likely to be compelled by an altruistic message (give to charity) than a self serving one (get a discount). Perhaps, humanity, we've got a shot. 

In addition to the planet saving and the business modeling, stick around for the wholesome father talk, because who doesn't love that. 


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