Rebundle: Ciara Solves a Big, Hairy Problem

Ciara wanted a sustainable solution to her haircare needs, and when she couldn't find one, she built one.

July 28, 2020


REBUNDLE is a synthetic hair brand that eliminates skin rashes and single-use waste. Our mission is to provide hair products that are better for your scalp and better for the environment.


Lex Kiefhaber, Anthony Noto

Ciara May is walking the path of an entrepreneur: she recognized a problem, looked for a solution on the market, and when she found none existed, she rolled up her sleeves and built one. Rebundle is a synthetic hair brand focused on the black female market, who right now have only cheap, mass produced,  and harmful options made primarily from low-grade plastic. Ciara's created a biodegradable alternative made from plants that eliminates the itching, burning, and scalp damage that women have endured for years. She's also connecting her brand directly with the stylists who braid the hair and have built a relationship with their customers. Through that network of stylists she's building awareness, and also creating a pathway to safely recycle Rebundle hair, closing the circle. 

If that wasn't enough, she's also empowering people in her community to take agency over the products that are marketed to them. In her words, "Black Americans account for over 85% of spending in the ethnic beauty market. It's time we become aware of what is being used on our hair. With responsible awareness, we can take charge in implementing positive change in this industry."


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