NuLeaf Technologies: Rachel Builds the Hot Tub Infinity Shower

Imagine a septic tank had a baby with a marshland meadow, and you've got yourself a sustainable solution to water reclamation!

August 25, 2020

NuLeaf Technologies

NuLeaf makes the NuTree, compact ecosystems for smarter off-grid water solutions. From sustainable off-grid water systems to eco-warrior gardens, we build natural solutions that take the hassle out of being water-smart


Lex Kiefhaber, Anthony Noto

This one takes a bit of explaining. Rachel Major, co-founder and CEO of NuLeaf Technologies, began her journey into entrepreneurship as most do, with a grant from NASA. Her particular area of expertise was in biology, and she has a particular affinity for the  development of technology through biomimicry: "the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes."

Nature, in her vast wonder, has crafted a means of purifying water through the ecosystems found in marshland. The naturally occurring confluence of microbes, plants and other organisms serves to "transform waste water into nutrient rich reusable water." Rachel and her co-founder Ari Ochoa took inspiration from these natural purification systems in creating  modular water treatment centers, the NuTree System. 

As they put it:

"Whether you are living off-the-grid and tired of ineffective septic tanks, or living in a city and hoping to grow your own sustainable garden: The nutrient recycling technology in our NuTree systems can help! We bring the quest for resource independence into the future and into your home or business"

If you're wondering where the "hot tub" part comes in, well, it's because it looks striking like a hot tub. Occam's Razor'd that one. So while these may not be a "shower" water ready yet , they have created a means of recycling old grey water into a productive source of irrigation. But, that's just the beginning... their original charter with NASA was to envision a means of creating a natural circular system of water purification which could, in fact, repurpose shower water for, you guessed it, showers! Listen in as we discuss the evolution of the technology, her journey from researcher to entrepreneur, and how to improve the culture of silicon valley.


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