Marissa Brings Carbon Clarity to Amazon

From diapers to cargo shorts, you can offset your cart's carbon footprint with one click.

September 15, 2020's goal is to bring transparency to the environmental impact of online shopping. Neutral was built to bring transparency to the environmental impact of our shopping habits and challenge the culture of overconsumption at the heart of the climate crisis.


Lex Kiefhaber, Anthony Noto

Imagine you knew how much carbon went into everything that you bought on Amazon through handy browser plug in. Then imagine you could offset that carbon with one click. Now stop imagining and go check out what the team at Neutral are building! (But first, listen to this episode!)

We sit down with CEO, co-founder, and proud hacker Marissa Liu and dig into how she and a team of scrappy collegiate coders built Neutral over a weekend a hack-a-thon (which they won!), then turned pro with an investment from Mozilla's Fix The Internet incubator. They're bringing awareness to how we shop online, with an opportunity to offset our impact. 

Tracking Carbon a wildly complicated process, one we at WSTP have covered before when we spoke with Columbia's Peter Vail Marsters in our Death, or Taxes episode. The team at Neutral are navigating with the assumptions that go into applying a specific carbon price to a wide variety of products by drawing from the CleanMetric's CarbonScopeData. While this this has it's limitations, which they cover in their description of their methodology, they're breaking new ground in applying a consumer mentality to the issue of sustainability science. Come for the Carbon science, stay for the browser plug in.


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