Massive.Earth: 10,000 Solutions to Solve The Climate Crisis

Dr. Michael Boesen is assembling the avengers of climate tech, hard science, business and entrepreneurship, and he wants you.

April 13, 2021


The first mass mobilization of talent to solve the climate crisis.


Lex Kiefhaber, Jessica Miles

The magnitude and complexity of the threat posed by climate change can't be solved with one silver bullet. Rather than looking for one solution, Dr. Michael Boesen decided to raise an army of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and developers with the skills required to build the solutions we need. Since it's going to take all of us to save the planet, we might as well start getting all of us in the fight.

Massive.Earth, self described as "the first massive mobilization of talent to solve the climate crisis," is one part launch pad for aspiring companies and one part matchmaker for talented people looking to get involved, without necessarily changing their careers or leaving their jobs. The idea being: entrepreneurs have the hutzpah (takes a bit of crazy to start a company, I can attest) but sometimes lack the expertise, and the experts have the knowledge but perhaps aren't too keen to abandon their career. is a means of bringing them together on the terms that work for both: mentorship, guidance, advice and support. 

Dr. Boesen went down this road himself, leaving behind a very successful career as a software and hardware engineer to apply his skills on a climate positive initiative. As any scientist would, he did research, which culminated in a white paper on the state of climate change initiatives. From this, they distilled a catalogue of 7 missions core to the pursuit of a sustainable planet:

Decarbonize Electricity

Reduce Impact of Rural and Urban Areas

Clean Non-Electrifiable Activities

Protect and Grow Nature Back

Optimize Food

Climate Justice

Adapt and Geo-Engineer

What's left, is of course, to begin. Follow on as we discuss the mission and vision of Massive.Earth, and if you too have talent (and who doesn't, certainly you do, faithful WSTP listener) consider joining in the fight. Even a few hours a week, from smart people, applied judiciously, could have a massive impact. 


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