Making Sustainable Jewelry From the (Below) Ground Up

Anna Bario, of the Bario-Neal jewelry brand, takes us inside, under and around how she built a sustainable business model from scratch.

August 3, 2021


Ethically Sourced, Handcrafted Jewelry


Lex Kiefhaber, Jessica Miles

Extracting metals from the earth is, by nature, not a sustainable practice. We have a finite amount of resources, after all. However, that doesn't mean that all methods of mining are created equal.

Anna Bario, one half of the Bario-Neal team, joins us this week to discuss how her company created a whole new vocabulary to define sustainability in the jewelry industry. From working with Artisanal Small-Scale Minors (ASM), developing a standardized code of conduct with her suppliers, using re-furbished or reclaimed metals and gems when possible, and educating her customer base about what sustainable practices they should be aware of and seek out, Bario Neal is establishing a new paradigm for wholistic, conscious and sustainable jewelry.

And, because Jess Miles is invovled, you know there has to be a book list. Some of the titles discussed here:

The Ends of the World, by Peter Brannen

The Sixth Extinction, by Elizabeth Kolbert

This Changes Everything by Naomi Kline


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