How Humanscale Turned Sustainability into a Competitive Advantage

Chief Sustainability Officer Jane Abernethy reveals how combining sustainable principles with business acumen has led to industry leading success.

July 27, 2021


Saving the Planet, One Product at a Time


Lex Kiefhaber, Jessica Miles

A net positive product is a new concept: a thing which by virtue of it having been made, has improved the outlook for earth and the humans who live on her. Simple in conception, but wildly difficult in execution. Humanscale, a company which makes office furniture, dedicated itself to becoming more than a company which makes office furniture a long time ago. Today, they have lapped the industry a dozen times over, with an unprecedented 26 products certified as Net Positive. Jane Abernethy, the Chief Sustainability Officer, joins us to pull back the curtain on how they achieved this laudable milestone, and why when sustainability is part of your company's root DNA it can elicit a cascade of positive effects for the team morale, creativity, and the bottom line. 


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