Carrots and Sticks: How to Win Green Fights and Influence Business People

Dr. Brosnan left the world of academia to use her powers for good in the corporate trenches.

July 31, 2020


Lex Kiefhaber

How do you align the interests of business, government, and communities with the rigor and rigidity of environmental science? Well, with carrots and sticks, and a good measure of grit. Dr. Brosnan shares with us her journey from the world of science and academia, where there can be a right answer because math, into the world of consulting where the answers are never entirely right or wrong, but can be framed as a win or a loss depending on where you stand.  Dr. Brosnan works to bring all stake holders to the table and arrive at a solution that satisfies each concerned interest, but as you'll hear, it's a tough fight- though one worth having.


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