Carbon0: Everyday Heros

Imagine Pokemon Go except for saving the planet in real life... now dive in to meet your personal Zeron.

December 1, 2020


Carbon0 is an AR location based game that plugs into our social media networks with the goal to actually save the planet. Climate change is scary, the best solution is fun!


Lex Kiefhaber, Anthony Noto, Jessica Miles

At the top of this episode, special guest Penelope Barr reminds us: Getting up and living your life well makes you the hero of your story. She's certainly done that. With 20-plus years of tech expertise, Penelope is leading the way to a more eco-friendly world on a local and global level in a very unique way — a video game. Carbon0 is an interactive augmented reality game that takes a positive approach to literally helping save the planet. Let's face it: Doing the wrong thing is easy, she tells us. And figuring out the best way to approach a problem can be really confusing. But once you figure it out, like any puzzle, it's rewarding.

So Carbon0 offers a carbon-footprint calculator that allows you and your avatar to undertake daily missions centering around recycling, transit, utilities, diet, etc. — all to earn points on the "Everyday Hero Leaderboard." Players can also plant trees and use AR to visualize what could be possible. The game launched at the San Francisco Science Hackathon where Penelope and her team won the Design prize. It went on to win the Climathon Hackathon; a cash prize from Square; was selected into the Global Climate Hack; secured a $10k in-kind prize from Google; and was selected as one of the top 10 ideas from all of the global Climathons to attend the ChangeNow bootcamp in Paris earlier this year.

Jess Miles joins Tony and Lex for all the video-game geeky goodness. Tune in!


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