Michele Is The Person You Call If You Have A Billion Dollars and Want to Save the Planet

How money can be a force for good through impact investing in companies that can help heal the planet while making a dollar along the way.

March 16, 2021

Boundless Impact

Boundless Impact is a market intelligence and analytics firm that provides quantitative and evidence-based research and data for our investors, companies, and funds. Using Scope 3 analysis, we are one of the only data providers that delivers clear and accurate insights on climate and business risks in a company’s supply chain.


Lex Kiefhaber

From Venture Philanthropy to Impact Investing, How to Make the Markets Work for Good

Let's say you're on the beach one day with your metal detector (as we do) and happen upon a chest of buried treasure, as it were. Your first call is your mom, clearly, but then after that, ring up CEO of Boundless Impact, Michele Demers, and she'll tell you where you can put your money to get a healthy return and save the planet along the way. 

Boundless Impact is a quantitative and qualitative research firm that assigns a specific score to individual companies using a variety of methodologies, including life cycle analysis. Through their work they're able to direct investments toward the companies which have the best shot of succeeding, both in terms of their bottom line and mission. 

Stick around to the end, where Michele gives us her professional insight into where we should be looking to find the next Tesla, Impossible Foods, or another company you've never heard of that will one day be an everyday staple. 


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