Biolite Energy: Jonathan Re-Invents Fire

Much of the world still cooks food and heats their homes using open-flame pits and stoves, which is inefficient, unhealthy and expensive. Fire needed an update, Bio-Lite invented one.

April 21, 2020

BioLite Energy

BioLite creates affordable, durable products designed to cook, charge, and light off-grid households by harnessing surrounding energy.


Lex Kiefhaber, Anthony Noto

CEO and Founder Jonathan Cedar had his eureka moment a decade ago which led him to create a revolutionary way to cook meals and generate electricity. BioLite's signature product, the CampStove, uses thermoelectric technology to improve the efficiency of campfires by over 90% while providing electricity to power lights and charge phones. That would have been enough of an invention itself, but he's also tackling the challenge of how to create a sustainable and profitable business selling into some the poorest communities on the planet. 
Join us as we talk with Jonathan about the moment he decided to dedicate his life to improving the wellbeing of others, the challenges of running a company with two distinct markets, how to make the most of an uncertain future, and what it means to live a purposeful life.


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