Aqua-Amy! Using Venture Capital to Rehabilitate our Seas

Amy Novogratz founded Aqua Spark to invest in companies leading the way in aquaponics and ocean restoration

May 5, 2020

Aqua Spark

A new innovative investment fund that addresses the planet's health and food security while generating a high economic return through investing in AQUACULTURE


Lex Kiefhaber, Anthony Noto

The ocean is in jeopardy! Scientists say if we continue to pollute and plunder the seven seas, they'll be fully depleted by 2050. In other words, there will be no fish left for us to eat.

What can be done to solve this crisis? Amy Novogratz has an answer.

She's the founder and managing director of Aquaspark — a fund that invests in aquaculture... namely fish farms. That's right. Seafood, a go-to source of protein for most Americans, can be grown and cultivated in a sustainable way... just like the heirloom tomatoes you pick up at the local market. Unlike tomatoes, however, seafood is growing scarce, and the marine life we depend on is in dire straits.

"The amount of fish that we're catching now is really at its limit," Amy tells us.   

Thankfully, there are more sustainable supply chains -- all made possible by Aquaspark, a firm that invests in companies that are mutually supportive of each other. Whether they're building farms or creating feed,  each "Aquaspark" portfolio company is synergistic. They depend on each other to grow, thrive and -- as a result -- benefit the overall ecosystem. Just like THE OCEAN. No more water metaphors; we promise. Take the plunge (we lied) with co-hosts Lex and Tony. This is one deep dive (we lied again) you'll not want to miss (no lie)!


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