Activism Abroad: Anmol Fights for Climate Justice in India

The Kashmir region of India has a long history of political strife and conflict. Anmol uses climate change to unite disparate factions and cross political lines for a collectively better future.

August 14, 2020


Lex Kiefhaber

The Jammu Kashmir region of India is a remote patch of land that has- for decades- been home to ongoing geo-political turmoil, border scuffles and two all out shooting wars. And recently, things got worse. 

But that doesn't keep Anmol Ohri from fighting to save the planet. He is using his activism, ingenuity and grit to unite people from different countries, religions, ages, socio-economic standings, all around the central idea that if we're going to protect the future we need to do it together. This week begins a 3 part series where we speak to youth climate activists from around the world about how they're raising awareness of the climate catastrophe and driving change in their home countries. 

At the top of the show we Lex does his best to describe what's happening in this part of the world, but here are other resources to that provide a more complete context. Check out this Vox article, and these two from the New York Times here and here


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